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Your bill is divided into several different sections. They are each explained below.

About Your Bill

Example of Mälarenergi bill 

Download example bill in English as pdf-document

Choose how you want to pay

Paper bill

Unless you request otherwise, you will receive a paper bill by post. You pay this at your bank no later than the due date.

Direct debit

Direct debit means that the full bill amount is automatically taken from your bank account on the due date. To set up a direct debit, complete this mandate form: https://www.mvh.bgonline.se/Public.Web/Templates/MandateApplications/FillInMandateApplication.aspx?formRef=7e16405f-b066-4f75-b9e8-f178cc681541.


E-billing means that an electronic (PDF) bill is sent and paid via your online banking service. It is a simple and secure payment method that reduces the environmental footprint. You apply for e-billing via your online banking service. Remember that the electricity account holder is the person who needs to make the application. Once you have applied for e-billing at your bank we will be notified of this and we will then change your account payment method to e-billing.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?

A reminder will be sent to you if you miss a payment. A reminder fee of SEK 60 and penalty interest will then be charged.

If you still don’t pay despite the reminder, a debt collection demand will be sent and this will result in additional costs.

If you have made late payments more than once in the current year, we will send a debt collection demand straight away without sending a reminder first.

In exceptional circumstances when payment is not made despite reminders and debt collection demands we may have to resort to turning off your electricity.