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Are you looking for an internship?

Use the form below to apply for an internship. Make sure the information in your application is as detailed as possible, so we can find the right placement for you. When we receive your application, we issue an enquiry within the business, based on your wishes and circumstances. Remember to apply in in good time before your planned start – at least four, but preferably six, weeks before the placement is due to begin. We’ll get back to you within three weeks to let you know whether we can offer you a placement.

How we make our choice

We receive large numbers of requests for internship, and unfortunately we’re unable to offer a suitable position for everyone. We’re also unable to take on interns under the age of 16.

I order to proceed with your internship application within the organisation and match you with the right placement, we need the following from you:

  • CV and personal letter
  • The time period for the required placement
  • What you want the work experience placement to contain (if your course has particular requirements)

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