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When you moved in you should have received an initial welcome letter from Mälarenergi Elnät AB. This welcome letter is confirmation of your network contract with Mälarenergi Elnät.

 The letter also says that if you have not taken out an electricity supply contract then you will be put on a standard tariff contract with Mälarenergi's electricity supplier, from whom you should also have received a welcome letter.

The welcome letter from Mälarenergi Elnät includes the following information:

Mälarenergi Elnät AB is responsible for the electricity connection to your new home and on your first bill from us we will charge an administration fee of SEK 312.50. The bill will also show you what sort of contract you have. As the customer, you are responsible for making sure you have the correct contract in place.

Kundnummer (customer number): quote your customer number whenever you contact Mälarenergi.

Contract information
Information about your electrical system specification and the date you moved in as well as estimated annual consumption.