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Are you moving into a flat in Västerås? In that case, Mälarenergi Elnät AB will probably be your network operator.

How to get electricity in your home

You are moving to a home in Västerås. You may even have received a welcome letter from Mälarenergi. This means that you will have mains electricity in your flat, and if you haven’t already taken out an electricity supply contract then you will automatically be put on a standard tariff contract by the assigned electricity supplier, which is Mälarenergi AB. Please note that the standard tariff may work out more expensive than if you actively take out an electricity contract. If you would like an electricity contract that better suits your needs:

  • Choose an electricity contract with Mälarenergi AB. You are welcome to call us: 021 39 50 50.
  • Even if Mälarenergi Elnät AB is not your network operator, you can still buy your electricity from Mälarenergi.

How it works – two separate contracts with two separate companies

To get electricity in your home you must have separate contracts with two companies – one with a network operator and one with an electricity supplier.

  • Network operators own the cables that distribute electricity and you cannot choose your network operator. If you live in Västerås, Mälarenergi Elnät is probably your network operator.
  • The electricity supplier sells electricity to you. You are free to buy your electricity from whichever supplier you wish.

If the electricity supplier and the network operator are part of the same group of companies, you will probably receive just one bill. Otherwise, you normally receive two bills – one from the network operator and one from the electricity supplier.

The Mälarenergi Group includes an electricity supplier. If you do not actively choose an electricity supply contract, you will normally be put on a standard tariff contract, which may be more expensive, so it makes sense to make an active choice and pick a contract that suits your needs. We’d be happy to help you do this. Please call us in 021 39 50 50.