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Stormwater Treatment Competition

Stormwater purification in urban environments is a challenge to any city. It’s inhibited by the lack of available land and large excavations often comes with a high cost.

Therefore, Mälarenergi announces an innovation competition with the aim of finding new effective methods to purify stormwater in urban environments. This may involve treatment plants, biobeds etc. Economy and surface efficiency will be rewarded.

The competition is organized within the framework of LIFE IP Rich Waters, with funding from the EU LIFE program and the Swedish Havs- och vattenmyndigheten (Marine and Water Authority)

The Competition

We want to find solutions in technology readiness level (TRL) 6 and 7, i.e. technologies that are rather close to market but that need testing and demonstration in real environment in order to be optimized before market introduction. 

After the competition deadline; proposals will be evaluated by a jury consisting of experts from Mälarenergi (who represent a future potential customer), Luleå University (researchers in the field) and The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (an association formed by Swedish municipalities). Up to four proposals will be chosen as winners of the competition.

The Jury

Lena Höglund

Godekke Blecken

Birger Wallsten

The Rules

  • Enter the competition by submitting a paper of maximum 10 pages, detailing your proposed methods to purify stormwater in urban environments. The paper shall – at least – describe how the completion criteria is fulfilled. Do this by using the form below before 2020-06-30.
  • We want to find proposals that are close to the market that we can install and test run.
  • In case none of the submitted contest entries meets our criteria, there will be no winner.

Competition criteria:

  • Cost
  • Expected purification rate
  • Feasible/installable for Mälarenergi
  • Surface-efficient and suitable for urban environments

No costs are incurred by Mälarenergi for the production of competition, grants etc.

The Prize

The prize of the competition is that the prototypes presented will be bought and tested by Mälarenergi. The planning of the installation of the innovative solutions will be done jointly between the winning companies, Mälarenergi and Mälardalen University in order to secure valid results needed from the tests


More info: www.richwaters.se

E-mail gustav.myhrman@malarenergi.se


Competition Entry Form